Known as the "Keeper of the Western Door"

Department of Transportation

The Seneca Nation encompass a transportation system that balances the Nation’s rich culture and heritage with modern, high quality features; a system that is safe, sustainable, and accessible for all who live, work, play, and travel throughout the Nation. With safety as a priority, efforts continue towards assuring every user they are safe and comfortable traveling throughout the Seneca Nation’s transportation network.

The Seneca Nation’s Department of Transportation, most often referred to as the DOT, oversees all transportation related activities on Nation lands. While a large focus of time is spent an ensuring roadways, paths and bridges are safe and in optimal condition, the DOT oversees trail and pathway development, safety planning, and all other infrastructure maintenance, management, and growth related to transportation. DOT also handles all aspects of transportation development from long term planning efforts through the many steps it takes to bring a project through completion, including conception, securing funding, designing, construction, and closeout on projects that can span several years.

DOT oversees hundreds of miles of transportation infrastructure between Allegany, Cattaraugus, and Oil Spring Territory.

  • Allegany – 264 lane miles paved roads; 28 miles primitive/gravel roads; 39 NYSDOT Bridges; 572 roadside (including residential driveways) and cross culverts; and, 3.1 mile bike/walking path
  • Cattaraugus – 180 lane miles paved roads; 12 miles primitive/gravel roads; 14 NYSDOT Bridges; 563 roadside (including residential driveways) and cross culverts; and, 1.6 miles bike/walking path
  • Oil Spring – 4 lane miles paved roads; .01 mile primitive/gravel road; 1 NYS DOT Bridge; and, 12 roadside (including residential driveways) and cross culverts

The DOT also oversees the continued operation and expansion of the Seneca Transit System (STS). STS currently operates throughout the week making trips between the Cattaraugus and Allegany Territories and continues out to Steamburg ending at Highbanks Campground. Plans for the near future include expanding services to include local circulator routes on both Territories in increase stops and frequency. More about the STS can be found on the STS webpage at or on Facebook @SenecaTransitSystem.