Known as the "Keeper of the Western Door"

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Welcome - We Are The Seneca Nation

The modern day Seneca Nation is a true democracy whose constitution was established in 1848. The Nation’s constitution provides for a multi-branch system of government that is comprised of elected Executive and Legislative branches, and an elected Judicial branch.

The Executive Branch leadership includes a president, treasurer and clerk, each elected for two year terms. The Seneca constitution allows leaders to serve multiple, but not consecutive terms.

Leadership also rotates back and forth between residents of the Cattaraugus and Allegany territories every two years. The next scheduled election will take place in November 2018, with the presidency to be filled by an Allegany representative.

The Legislative Branch is led by a 16-member Tribal Council, comprised of an equal number of representatives from the Cattaraugus and Allegany territories. Members are elected for staggered, four-year terms.

The Judiciary Branch is comprised of three separate divisions, the Peacemaker, Appellate and Surrogate courts.

The Peacemakers Court is the court of general jurisdiction and is located on each of the Allegany and Cattaraugus Territories. The three Peacemakers of each court are elected every four years. The Surrogate Court is comprised of one Surrogate for each of the Allegany and Cattaraugus Territories, and exercises jurisdiction over probate matters.

The Court of Appeals is comprised of six judges who hear appeals from the Peacemakers and Surrogates Courts. The Council serves as Supreme Court and exercises limited jurisdiction over certain appeals from the Court of Appeals.

nyawëh sgënö’

Learn About Our Culture

The vibrancy of the rich Seneca heritage is evident in the ongoing ceremonies, practices, and cultural events that are infused with dance, music and song, arts, crafts and traditional foods that honor and celebrate Seneca culture.

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Seneca Nation Creates Jobs

The Seneca Nation supports its people and benefits surrounding communities with a variety of cultural, educational and economic efforts. Varied enterprises include: world-class casino gaming, hospitality and entertainment, which employ over 3,500 people, as well as a convenience store chain, construction management, and diverse holdings in business ventures.


Our Culture and Values Remain Strong & Intact

With a proud and rich history, the Seneca were the largest of six Native American nations which comprised the Iroquois Confederacy or Six Nations, a democratic government that pre-dates the United States Constitution.

We were among several nations in what is now New York State and Southern Ontario that typified the successful evolution over time to gain primacy among their neighbors – friend and foe alike.

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Living Longhouse Warming & Ribbon Cutting: May 27th

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Native American Heritage Night

Regular Session of Council

Living Longhouse Warming & Ribbon Cutting

Encanto Family Movie Night

Let us know you are coming! Call Lori or Malesia at: 716-945-1790 ext. 3649.

Native American Heritage Night

Regular Session of Council

Living Longhouse Warming & Ribbon Cutting

Encanto Family Movie Night

Let us know you are coming! Call Lori or Malesia at: 716-945-1790 ext. 3649.


The Education Department on both Allegany and Cattaraugus Territories provides services which support the learning process as a means of obtaining individual and collective satisfaction, with respect for self and others, and a pride in Seneca and Native heritage.


The Seneca Nation of Indians has a diverse job market which includes employment opportunities at all three casinos Seneca Allegany, Seneca Niagara and Seneca Buffalo Creek, including opportunities within the Nation as well.

Elected Officials


Rickey L. Armstrong, Sr.


Matthew Pagels


Bethany Johnson