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Mandatory COVID-19 Procedures

Below are 3 COVID-19 employee forms. These include the following:

  1. COVID-19 Protocol and Acknowledgement
    • This form is for Seneca Nation employees to acknowledge they have received, read, and understand the COVID-19 Protocol and Guidelines.
  2. COVID-19 Vaccination Status Submit
    • This form is for Seneca Nation employees to submit their vaccination status and any updates pertaining to vaccinations received. Example: You just received your first dose or a booster shot. Only vaccination records should be submitted with this form.
  3. COVID-19 Test and Supporting Documentation Submit
    • This form is for Seneca Nation employees who must submit weekly COVID-19 test results. It can also be utilized if you become ill with or have to follow COVID-19 protocols due to exposure and need to submit supporting documentation per the protocol and guidelines. Please DO NOT submit your vaccination status information with this form.

The goal with each of these forms is that they are all-encompassing. Employees at each entity can utilize these forms and the submitted data is then distributed to the proper people at each entity. In the case of a POSITIVE test submittal, additional people are included on the alerts so that information gets out quick for action. Please complete immediately and upload all necessary documents even if you have already submitted physical paperwork prior.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and if you have any questions please contact your direct supervisor for any questions or comments.