Known as the "Keeper of the Western Door"

Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO)

As individuals, Native American people have unique and special employment rights. They have the right to preference in employment under tribal and several federal laws. The Seneca Nation Tribal Employment Rights Office is to enforce this Indian preference in employment within the exterior boundaries of any Seneca Nation lands and all other economic opportunities on or near the boundaries of the Seneca Nation of Indians. Thus creating employment for native people as well as increasing business opportunities and focusing on the eradication of discrimination against Native American people.

Services Provided

TERO ensures a minimum of 51% qualified native workforce by contractors who perform work within the exterior boundaries of any Nation lands.

TERO establishes and maintains a skill bank hiring pool to refer natives for work when it arises within stated jurisdiction.

TERO ensures contractors and subcontractors submit TERO Compliance Plans and are reviewed and approved by the TERO Director before work can commence.

TERO monitors workforce and enforces Native preference in employment according with the priorities stated in the TERO ordinance.

TERO coordinates with other departments within the Nation, as well as organizations outside of the Nation to provide training for natives to be qualified and ready to perform in their work environments.

TERO is responsible for collecting the 5% TERO fee, when applicable. This provides revenue for the program through the General Fund.