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If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath, or have any concerns about your health, call your primary care provider to be assessed. Patients of the Lionel R. John Health Center can call (716) 945-5894 and patients of the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation Health Center can call (716) 532-5582.

Seneca Gaming Corporation

Seneca Gaming Corporation (SGC) is a wholly owned, tribally chartered corporation of the Seneca Nation of Indians (Nation) which operates all of the Nation's Class III gaming operations in Western New York. Seneca Gaming Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Seneca Niagara Falls Gaming Corporation (SNFGC), Seneca Territory Gaming Corporation (STGC), and Seneca Erie Gaming Corporation (SEGC), operates Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls, New York, Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel in Salamanca, New York, and Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino in Buffalo, New York.

The Seneca people have lived in the Western part of New York State since time immemorial and consider the area their aboriginal home. After preserving two territories - or reservations - in Western New York, the Seneca people developed their own constitution and elective form of government, officially becoming the Seneca Nation of Indians in 1848.

In 2002, the Nation entered into the Nation-State Gaming Compact with New York State, which granted the Nation the exclusive right to build and operate three Class III gaming facilities in Western New York. Seneca Gaming Corporation was chartered in August 2002 to manage the Nation's gaming operations. Seneca Niagara Falls Gaming Corporation was also chartered at this time, and Seneca Niagara Casino opened its doors on December 31, 2002. SNFGC opened a luxury hotel, the 26-story Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel, on December 30, 2005.

Seneca Territory Gaming Corporation was chartered in August 2003 to manage the Nation's second Class III gaming operation. On May 1, 2004, Seneca Allegany Casino officially opened for business. STGC opened the 212-room Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel on March 30, 2007.

In September 2003, Seneca Erie Gaming Corporation was chartered for the purpose of managing the Nation's third gaming operation permitted under the Compact. In October 2005, the Nation acquired 9 acres of land in the Inner Harbor area of downtown Buffalo and designated the land as its preferred site for constructing a Class III gaming facility. On July 3, 2007, SEGC opened a temporary Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino on the nine-acre territory. Plans for a permanent Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino complex, complete with 22-story all-suite hotel, were unveiled on October 3, 2007. The complex is scheduled to open in 2010.

Seneca Holdings

Seneca Holdings is the private equity investment arm of the Seneca Nation of Indians.  Seneca Holdings was founded with a broad mandate: to diversify the Seneca Nation's revenue streams beyond the gaming and tobacco industries and further the Seneca Nation's economic sovereignty.

Seneca Holdings is focused primarily on federal government contracting work.   Our wholly-owned subsidiaries include Seneca Telecommunications, SCMC LLC, Executive Protection Systems, Nexus Technologies, Seneca Broadcasting and others.  Many of our subsidiaries focus on providing high level services and products to various federal government agencies.  Seneca Holdings has operations in numerous states and internationally.

Seneca Nation of Indians Economic Development Company

The  mission of the Seneca Nation of Indians Economic Development Company (SNIEDC)  is to provide financial services and working capital support to new and  existing small native businesses, corporations, partnerships, and joint  ventures in which enrolled members of SNI own majority interest and are active  in the conduct of business.

Please see our website for more information.

Seneca One Stop

The Seneca One Stops have been in operation since 1985 and provide over 80 jobs for native and non-native employees alike.

The main purpose of the Seneca One Stops is to generate income (revenue) for the Seneca Nation of Indians. The Seneca One Stops are the only gas and convenience stores owned and operated by the SNI. They return all revenue to the Nation government. These dollars fund vital programs, services and public works for Seneca members. The purchases you make at the Seneca One Stops help us build a better community.

We carry both regular gasoline and diesal; we purchase and sell only the highest quality petroleum products. We also sell a variety of tobacco products; we carry many different Native brands of tobacco products. ATMs, pay at the pump, and 24 hour service in Salamanca and Irving locations are also offered.


A  Seneca Broadcasting Company, 105.9 WGWE ,at 215 Broad Street in Salamanca,  has been on the air and  playing Classic Hits since February 1st, 2010.

Situated in the center of Salamanca , WGWE  also  stays centered in the community with live broadcasts, community events,schools, local not-for-profit  organizations, local sports and a world of fun.

Not only on the FM dial at 105.9, WGWE is also streaming online at and can be heard through your WGWE smart-phone app as well.

With National Native News,  Gae'no, Seneca Word of The Day,  Nascar News, local musicians, interviews and lots of your favorite classic hits, WGWE has something for everyone. And nothing says fun like the ECLC singers singing Happy Birthday in Seneca  twice a day!

WGWE can be heard from Salamanca to Jamestown, in Gowanda, throughout  both the  Allegany and Cattaraugus Reservations  ,  into Irving and beyond!

WGWE...the on-air personalities you love,  the songs you want to hear and the news and information you need!

Seneca Gaming & Entertainment

Seneca Gaming and  Entertainment located on Route 5 in Irving offers some of the biggest daily  BINGO payouts in Western New York! Open seven days a week, we feature smoking and non-smoking sections, a food court, over 400 video gaming machines in our Gameroom, and tons of specials and promotions for anyone 18 and older!

Seneca Gaming and Entertainment located at 768 Broad Street in Salamanca offers some of the biggest daily BINGO payouts in Western New York! Open seven days a week, we feature a food court, a VIP Gameroom, and tons of specials and promotions for  anyone 18 or older! At Salamanca, We're Not Just Bingo Anymore!

Seneca Energy

The mission of Seneca Energy is to ensure the security, prosperity and independence of the Nation by building a sustainable energy platform and lowering energy costs for the Nation and its residents.