Known as the "Keeper of the Western Door"

Seneca Holdings

Seneca Holdings, LLC was chartered in July 2009 by the Seneca Nation of Indians for the purpose of diversifying its economic base beyond its existing and successful gaming and tobacco enterprises.

Our primary objective is profit maximization by deploying $28 million in capital committed by the Nation in a diversified framework. To that end we actively identify, invest in and/or partner with new and existing business opportunities that capitalize on the Seneca Nation’s substantial advantages inherent in its status as sovereign nation. Our early investments have already added many new jobs to the region.

We are a separate corporate entity established with an appropriate level of separation from the Nation government, but we offer partners an array of tax efficiencies and other benefits based on the Nation’s sovereign status, including federal tax immunity, state income tax exemption, federal capital gains tax exemption, state sales tax exemption and preferential debt financing and government contracting preferences, among others.

Seneca Holdings is the private equity investment arm of the Seneca Nation of Indians. Seneca Holdings was founded with a broad mandate: to diversify the Seneca Nation's revenue streams beyond the gaming and tobacco industries and further the Seneca Nation's economic sovereignty.