Seneca Nation of Indians 2014 General Election

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All candidates must file with the Clerk of the Nation at the William Seneca Building, Cattaraugus Territory, no later than 12:00 midnight on Monday, October 20, 2014.

Voting shall take place at the Allegany and Cattaraugus Territories. Polls shall be open from 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, November 4, 2014.

For more information, please see the attached document.

Public Notice: Committee Vacancies

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The Seneca Nation  of  Indians  is  currently   accepting  letters  of  intent   for  those interested in serving on the following committees: 

Seneca Nation Housing Authority (SNHA) Board of Commissioner

Human Resource Oversight Committee (HROC)

Seneca Nation Of Indians Economic Development Company ("SNIEDC") Board of Directors

See attached documents for more information.

2014 Marvin “Joe” Curry Veterans Pow Wow Category Groups Explained

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Please see the table below for an explanation of the categories:

Pow Wow Category Age Groups Smoke Dance Category Age Groups
 Group  Age Group Age
Youth 5-12 Youth 5-12
 Teen 13-17 Teen 13-17
 Adult 18-49 Jr Adult 18-34
    Sr Adult 35-49
 Golden Age  50+ Golden Age 50+
Tiny Tots (Ages 0-4) competitions are combined

There are a few things to note in the table above: (1) The adult group for Smoke Dance has been split due to the amount of participants and (2) Tiny Tots still are a group, but as always, the categories are still combined.

Senecas Strong Step Out Diabetes Team

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So many lives are touched by diabetes. Chances are your life is too. You can help make a difference in those lives. Join us or donate - either way, you can change lives.

We’re committed to walk and raise money in this inspirational event not because 26 million people in the United States have diabetes, but because we personally know some of them, and want to do something about it.

If diabetes touches your life, then you belong with us. When we bring together dedicated team members and kind donors, the power we have as a group far outweighs what any of us could do alone.

To help support our efforts, please click to donate or join our team.

We are forever grateful for your support. Together we can Stop Diabetes!

If you'd like to donate directly to the cause or join the team, please see Buffalo Step Out

Seneca Nation of Indians Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

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The annual Seneca Nation of Indians Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is the result of the continuous planning process to guide community and economic growth in the Nation’s territories. The document lists activities and strategies to boost job creation, increase investment, improve infrastructure, and encourage economic diversification in the Nation.  The document also lists priority projects and programs, development goals and objectives, and a vision for the community. 

The Seneca Nation of Indians CEDS will be available for review and comment from June 1st to June 30th in the Nation’s Planning Department (Allegany and Cattaraugus) and the Nation’s Clerk Office (Allegany and Cattaraugus).  The public is urged to submit comments to the Planning Department by June 30th, 2014.  

Celebrating 50 Years “Seneca Women’s Right to Vote”

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We come together again to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the “Seneca Women’s Right to Vote”. This Momentous Event will be celebrated on May 29th 2014 at both Territories.

  • A Luncheon will be served at Cattaraugus CCC Gymnasium on May 29, 2014 at 11:00 am.
  • The event will be recognized by several guest speakers and acknowledgement of those involved in the Women’s Suffrage.
  • A Dinner will be served at the Allegany SAAB Grand Room on this same day at 5 pm.
  • The Allegany and Newtown Women Singers will also be honoring this day with us.

More background history and photos of the movement will be shared during the event.

The first record of Seneca Women seeking the right to vote in Nation elections occurred at the Regular Session of Council December 4, 1935 at the Allegany Court house in Jimersontown. According to Council minutes, George Patterson made a motion to consider the suffrage petition that one local newspaper claimed two-thirds of the women of the Nation had signed. The motion passed and Council appointed Adlai Williams, Jonathan Johnson, and Jonas Crouse to a committee to amend the Constitution.

It wasn’t until March of 1964 Martha Flammang presented a petition containing 162 signatures to Council. She pledged “to wage an all-out campaign” to win the vote telling Council “I have been turned down before, but turning me down is like picking me up”. The referendum vote was held on May 23, 1964. The men finally said Yes. The amendment giving Seneca Women the right to vote was approved by a vote of 169 to 99. President George Heron warned the potential all-male candidates in the upcoming November election that the women “outnumbered us and they intend to make their votes count”. The women voted in their first general election on November 3, 1964.

Please see attached flyers for more history or information for the event times and location.

Cancelled Events Due To Weather

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The following events for May 13th have been cancelled:

  • Senecas Strong Dinner
  • Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Meeting

Please check back throughout the day for further updates.


50th Anniversary Celebration - "Seneca Women's Right to Vote"

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The referendum vote was held on May 23, 1964. The men finally said "yes" to approve the amendment giving Seneca women the right to vote. The amendment was approved by a vote of 169 to 99 and the women voted in their first general election on November 3, 1964.

We are seeking community members that interested in submitting a bid to provide traditional side dishes such as corp soup, fry bread, cake, etc.

If interested, please see the attached flyer.

Seneca Nation - First U.S. Tribe to Establish Native Plant Policy

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Allegany Territory, Salamanca, NY – The Seneca Nation of Indians has unanimously approved a policy ensuring that new landscape planting in public spaces on Seneca lands will be exclusively comprised of local indigenous species. This new policy also encourages private Seneca landholders to choose local North American flora in their planting decisions.

It has long been recognized that continued planting of non-native species poses a significant threat to ecosystems and causes harm to the environment. The current Seneca Nation Council is committed to restoring, preserving, and maintaining local indigenous plants that are significant to the culture of the Seneca people and that help to maintain the balance of nature. 

The new planting policy puts an official stamp on the Seneca Nation’s ongoing efforts to reintroduce Native species to Seneca territories. To date, over 445 native trees and shrubs have been planted and 25 different species re-introduced into the public landscape, including edible and medicinal culturally significant plants. 

Although the new policy applies exclusively to plants in public spaces, owners of private property at the Seneca Nation are highly encouraged to reintroduce Native species and to remove invasive and introduced Eurasian plants.

This policy is applauded by Dr. Jeremy Pinto, Research Plant Physiologist and Tribal Nursery Specialist with the Forest Service of the US Department of Agriculture, who states: “While it should be well-ingrained in us to preserve and promote the plants that are significant to our respective cultures, a policy like this brings the issues of cultural preservation, invasive species, sustainability, and adaptability to the forefront of everyday management practices in a good way.” 

With this new planting policy, the Seneca Nation has taken a substantial step forward in preserving Seneca culture and protecting and maintaining the Community’s ecological footprint. To learn more about the SNI Native Plant Policy or for a list of appropriate native plants visit

Stand Together Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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This is the first event of many for our community to stand together against drug and alcohol abuse! There will be an awareness walk from the Saylor to the CCC and back, free lunch, and a few speakers - including Sabres coach, Ted Nolan!

It will take place on March 30th.

More information can be found here.

If you have any questions please contact Monica Redeye at or 716-532-4900.

Salamanca Residents Approve Sale of Former School to Senecas

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SALAMANCA – Residents of the Salamanca Central School District on Tuesday approved selling a former elementary school and buying a piece of land.

The sale of the former Seneca Elementary School building, on Center Street, which is expected to become an educational building for the Seneca Nation of Indians, was approved by a vote of 238 to 103. The sale price is $950,000.

“The sale culminates over 15 months of productive conversation between the district and Seneca Nation to repurpose a school building no longer needed by the district and desired by the Nation to support its Early Childhood Learning Center,” Superintendent Robert J. Breidenstein said.

The building was mothballed after the 2012-13 school year, with students moved into a section of the Middle/High School at 50 Iroquois Drive. The move trimmed the district from three to two campuses. A plan is in the works to further pare that to a single campus at the Iroquois Drive facility, according to Breidenstein.

Conversations are under way about closing on the deal and transferring the property, as well as payments, Breidenstein said.

The second proposition on the ballot called for buying property at 608 Broad St., a parcel that abuts the Iroquois Drive campus, for not more than $41,000. The measure passed, 172 to 163.

Breidenstein said in previous discussions that the land would be used for green space but could be part of a larger plan for development in the future. The purchase contract does carry a rider that allows for the sale to be canceled if the environmental review does not come back favorably, he said. That review will be done once the weather breaks and the environmental testing can be completed.

The property at 6087 Broad St. is owned by Michael D. Zarzecki of Olean.

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