Surrogate's Court

The Surrogate's Court has been in existence since 1848 in conjunction with the Seneca Nation Constitution as part of the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary departments.

The Surrogates have jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the settlement of estates for members of the Seneca Nation. The Surrogate's Court is critical to the orderly functioning of our Nation's existence. The work of the Surrogates Court impacts the lives of all members of our Nation.

Services provided include, the assisting in wills and Power of Attorney requests, Notary Public, guardianship for incompetent person(s), requests for Administrators and Executors deeds. We also provide Probate of wills and estates.

The goal of the Surrogate's Court is to increase and provide services to the elderly and the disabled, both on and off territories.

Contact Information

Honorable Luana Jimerson
2 Thomas Indian School Drive
Irving, NY 14081

Honorable Lani K. Hill
90 O:hi'yoh Way
Salamanca, NY 14779