Elected Officials

Under the leadership of elected officials, the Seneca Nation of Indians has generated revenue through a variety of means, including a number of leases entered into by the nation and various enterprises. The current Seneca Nation leadership are as follows:

Todd Gates
Maurice A. John, Sr.
Lenith K. Waterman

Allegany Councilors

  • Tina Abrams
  • Arlene C. Bova
  • Mike Williams
  • Rickey Armstrong, Sr.
  • Al E. George
  • Timothy Waterman
  • Stephen Gordon
  • William Canella

Cattaraugus Councilors

  • Linda Doxtator
  • Jeffrey Gill
  • Rick Jemison
  • Presley M.C Redeye
  • Keith White Sr.
  • Ross John, Sr.
  • John Williams, Jr.
  • Llona LeRoy