Seneca Language


Aeyögwaehwënö:ste:g Ögwawëniyo:h

(We should cherish our beautiful language.)

The purpose of the Allegany Language Department, Aeyögwaehwënö:ste:g Ögwawëniyo:h, is to promote conversational Seneca language use among Seneca Nation members, both on and off-territory. In order to increase the use of Seneca throughout the Nation’s membership, the department works with fluent/highly proficient speakers to train apprentices for long-term, professional positions, as conversational Seneca language teachers for early childhood, community, departmental, school-district, and/or college level Seneca language and culture classes. Apprentices could also train to work as revitalization, documentation, translation, and resource  development specialists. In addition to training language professionals, the department also houses a Digital Seneca Language Specialist to assist in the development of web-based learning/teaching tools, hands-on instructional materials, and the audio-visual content required by Seneca language learners and teachers both on and off-territory.

Ja:no’s—Janine Bowen, Allegany Language Director (716) 945-1790 ext. 3171

Jimmy Crane, Digital Seneca Language Specialist, (716) 945-1790 ext. 3173

Be sure to check out and watch Seneca conversations on video, or listen to songs and follow along with transcripts.