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The mission of Gakwi:yo:h Farms is to address food security and food sovereignty through community engagement and wellness by implementing a Haudenosaunee approach to agricultural practices. Our goal is to produce healthy food, employ quality food processing procedures and make these foods available to our community members, from field to table. The foundation of our mission rests on the ability to positively impact our people, to contribute to a conscious shift toward healthier eating habits and to change the way we bring food into our homes.

As an agriculture initiative, our goal is to reconnect to the philosophy of our ancestors and pledge to promote the relationship between our people, our lands and the foods we eat. Just as our people have always understood and respected the value of our traditional foods, we acknowledge the value placed on healthy food - especially our white corn, which is an inherent part of our culture. By honoring the value of each corn stalk, each ear of white corn and each individual kernel, we increase our understanding and appreciation for who we are, as a people. At the same time, Seneca Nation Agriculture Department will be open to state of the art practices, equipment and industry standards to achieve the highest productivity possible to make the greatest impact on the health and well-being of our members.

Gakwi:yo:h Farms
13594 Taylor Hollow Road
Collins, NY 14034

Administrative offices
William Seneca Building
12837 Route 438
Irving, NY 14081

Phone: (716) 532-3194
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Community Planting Day - May 25th

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Join in on a day of fun and work with the crew and help plant the community farm! Breakfast and lunch provided for all volunteers. Please bring your feast bundle with reusable dishware, flatware, drinkware, napkins and towel for cleanup. 

Also, the white bass distribution will take place at the pole barn behind the farmhouse during the community planting day. Seneca Nation members are invited to stop by and for some frozen fish fillets from Ohi:yo’. Fish will be first come, first served and while supplies last. 

Seneca Media & Communications will debut the short film compilation of the Fishing classes and Pole to Plate Community Fishing Event. 

For more info, call or email Penny Kerr 
716-532-4900 ext: 5184 or

Comm Planting Day 2019