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Fiscal Affairs

The purpose and overall function of the Fiscal Department is to provide financial reporting and technical assistance to all departments with relation to their awarded budget and programs, and to produce accounts payable and payroll checks on a weekly basis.

The mission of the Fiscal Affairs Department is to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive financial and informational services. These services include, but are not limited to, accounting, accounts payable, budget management, grants and contracts management, information technology services, fixed asset inventory control, payroll services and procurement. The information provided by these services enables the Tribal Council, Budget and Finance, and departmental management to make sound financial and administrative decisions for each area the Nation serves.

The Fiscal Department interacts with every Nation department/program and Nation entity in some way as we process all cash receipts, manual checks, payroll checks and accounts payable on a weekly basis. The main contacts for the Fiscal staff are the bookkeepers and the finance personnel within the individual departments those responsible for the timecards and purchase requisitions, budget and the like.

The members of the Seneca Nation receive direct benefits totaling millions of dollars from the Nation. While some services are restricted to areas within the external boundaries of the Seneca Nation territories, others are for every Seneca, regardless of their current location. The direct benefits include, but are not limited to, quarterly annuity, monthly elder benefits, health care incentive plan funding, garbage removal services, burial funds, minors trust funds, housing, education, healthcare, water, fire protection, utility, infrastructure, etc. Plans are underway for a new disability payment for eligible Senecas.

The Seneca Nation is audited on an annual basis by an external audit firm. This audit is required by Federal Law due to the volume and large dollars received in Federal funding. This audit also ensures that all funding is properly accounted for, all pertinent rules and regulations are followed and that the Nation's finances are being well cared for.

The six offices that make up the Fiscal Affairs Department include:

The Comptroller's Accounting Office maintains monthly financial statements, budget reports, budget modifications/appropriations, posting and reconciliation for the 100+ cost centers, cash receipts, insurance claims, direct deposit, journal entry posting, banking transfers, Minor Trust Fund accounting, cell phones and travel arrangements. The Comptroller is a member of the Nation's Investment Management Board and the USET Tribal Administration Board.

The Account's Payable Office processes all invoices/payables for all Nation departments with the exception of Seneca Gaming & Entertainment and the Retail Division. There is an average of 300 checks cut each week.

The Purchasing Office assists departments in obtaining bids on goods/services as well as preparing of purchase orders, ensuring policies and procedures have been followed. This office is also responsible for the inventory of capital assets of the Nation.

The Grants Office is responsible for the financial reporting for over 75 grants and contracts with the various awarding agencies Federal, State and Foundations. This office monitors budgets and compliance of the grant/contract awards.

Payroll  processes the timecards, new hires, terminations, unemployment claims, disability claims, 401(k), medical, dental insurance sign-ups and wage deductions for the 1440+ employees of the Seneca Nation.

Information Technology (IT) oversees the computer network and infrastructure and phone communications for both territories. This office also oversees the Nation's financial software, funding to ensure it is fully functional at all times. This office also prints all of the checks for Accounts Payable, Payroll, Annuity, Health Care Incentive Plan, Elders Benefits and soon to be Disability Payments.

The Budget and Finance Committee  (B&F) works in conjunction with the Fiscal Department. This committee is a sub-committee of and is appointed by the Tribal Council. B&F was created to review policy, procedure, budgets and other financial areas of the Seneca Nation. This committee is a decision making body and will recommend new or changes in policy/procedure, make recommendations with regard to budgets, policies, procedures or programs, coordinate, negotiate and develop the overall Nation annual budget for the general governmental operations. The Comptroller, Assistant Comptroller, Budget Data Analyst and Grants Budget officer sit in an advisory capacity for the Budget & Finance Committee.

The goal of the Fiscal Affairs Department is to provide the highest level of service to the Nation's employees, departments and management, to timely process transactions in accordance with policy and procedures, and to timely provide financial reports to the departments and management.

KeyBank to Close Eight Locations in Western New York

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KeyBank to close eight locations in Western New York, consolidate some branches (

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — KeyBank is expected to close eight locations within Western New York, but will be consolidating some branches within close proximity to another.

The branches set to close include:

  • Sheridan-Harlem Branch located at 4020 Sheridan Drive in Amherst will consolidate into the Northtown Branch located at 3171 Sheridan Drive in Amherst, 1.8 miles away.
  • Appletree Mall Branch located at 2929 Union Road in Cheektowaga will consolidate into the Walden Avenue Branch located at 1675 Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga, 2.3 miles away.
  • North Buffalo Branch located at 2141 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo will consolidate into the Kenmore Branch located at 2858 Delaware Avenue in Kenmore, 0.9 miles away.
  • South Campus Branch located at 3586 Main Street in Amherst will consolidate into the Bailey-Amherst Branch located at 3134 Bailey Avenue in Buffalo, 1.4 miles away.
  • Elmwood-Utica Branch located at 529 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo will consolidate into the Stuyvesant Plaza Branch located at 274 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, .06 miles away.
  • Foote Avenue Branch located at 730 Foote Avenue in Jamestown will consolidate into the Jamestown Branch located at 417 Spring Street in Jamestown, 1.6 miles away.
  • Derby Branch located at 6932 Erie Road in Derby will consolidate into Evans-Angola Branch located at 9094 Erie Road in Evans, 5.4 miles away.
  • East Clinton Branch located at 1989 Clinton Street in Buffalo will consolidate into the South Buffalo Branch located at 2157 Seneca Street in Buffalo, 1.7 miles away.
  • All of the consolidating branches are in close proximity to other KeyBank Branches. For example:
    Our consolidating North Buffalo Branch has four full-service KeyBank Branches within 2.5 miles.
    Our consolidating Sheridan-Harlem Branch has three full-service KeyBank Branches within 2.5 miles.
    Our consolidating Elmwood Utica Branch has four full-service KeyBank Branches within two miles."
  • The closures will occur on May 21, 2021.