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Economic Development & Tourism


The SNI Economic Development & Tourism Division will seek innovative ways to leverage public resources for the stimulation of private investment, thereby expediting the growth and sustainability of the Nation's economy, and creating opportunities for every Seneca to improve their standard of living.


  • Develop an economic diversification strategy that will provide a stable economy for the SNI into the future
  • To identify opportunities that will provide diverse and sustainable revenues, jobs and a heightened standard of living for all Seneca community members
  • To assist in private enterprise development & entrepreneurship
  • To assist in workforce development to insure that the Nation's human capacity meets the demand of new industry and enterprise
  • To develop public infrastructure and programs to support the expansion of private development and investment
  • To facilitate private investment that is consistent with Seneca culture, values and goals

Our Economic Diversification Strategy focuses on four core components:

  • Energy Development
  • Tourism Development
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Public Infrastructure & Development Policy

Current Project List includes (but is not limited to):

General Economic Development

  1. Salamanca Downtown Revitalization
  2. Salamanca Brownfield Redevelopment
  3. Capital Planning
  4. Incentive Program Planning

Entrepreneurial Program

  1. Entrepreneurship - Native Small Business Development Program
  2. Small Business Development Support Programming

Energy Programs

  1. Community Wind Assessment & Development
  2. Renewable Energy Applications Assessments
  3. Natural Gas Assessment & Development
  4. Energy Efficiency & Conservation Program Development
  5. Energy Training/Vocational Development

The Seneca Nation's tourism strategy is centered around the community's unique cultural assets and the market demand for cultural and heritage tourism. Cultural and heritage tourism is a lucrative and growing niche market.

The challenge and focus of this Division's efforts, however, is the Seneca's ability to perpetuate their culture through thoughtful economic and tourism development. The goal here is not to exploit the cultural resources for economic gains, but to present these unique cultural treasures in such a way that educates the greater public, develops advocacy for Seneca and Native issues, encourages and supports tradition and the arts among the Seneca community, and provides sustainable incomes to those who maintain them.