Rider Services

Passes (Cash Only)

  • 30 Day Pass for $30 or 1 Day Pass for $3
  • Passes are also valid on OATS, SBU, and Allegany Access.
  • Pass must be retained for the duration of the trip.

Bus Passes Are Available (Cash Only)

Passes available for purchase at the following locations on the route:

  • William Seneca Building
  • Seneca Allegany Administration Building
  • Seneca One Stop - Irving & Salamanca

Did You Know That STS Provides:

  • Free WiFi
  • Bike Racks

Park and Ride Locations

One Stop - Irving/Salamanca
Seneca Allegany Casino offers a shuttle every 15 minutes at the following locations:

  • Seneca Gaming & Entertainment - Salamanca
  • One Stop - Salamanca


Wireless internet access is provided FREE on STS buses during hours of operation for the entertainment and convenience of all riders.  It is a privilege to use and all passengers, operators and/or other users shall employ appropriate and respectful behavior as outlined by the STS Public Internet Access Policy, available under Helpful Resources on the STS website.

To access the Mobile Hotspot:

  1. Open the Wi-Fi application on your computer or Wi-Fi capable device that you want to connect
  2. Find the Wi-Fi network named sts01 or sts02
  3. Enter the password snidot@123
  4. Your device is now connected to the internet
  5. The driver has no access to and cannot alter the device settings