Marshal's Office

The Seneca Nation Marshals from Cattaraugus and Allegany serve and protect the members and property of the Seneca Nation. They uphold the laws of the Seneca Constitution and keep the community safe on all territories including Allegany, Cattaraugus and Oil Spring. The 20 person squad enforces all Seneca laws as first responders and works with neighboring local, state and federal offers when necessary.

3rd Annual Spring Horseshoe Tournament

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Cattaraugus Marshal Community Outreach Program is hosting their 3rd Annual Spring Horseshoe Tournament. This year's tournament is set up with a BLIND DRAW FOR YOUR PARTNER! Blind doubles with double elimination- $25 non-refundable registration fee per person. Sign-ins & On-site registration will open @ 10am 'til noon. Tournament begins at 12:30 pm, Rain or Shine. A Thunder Day is scheduled for Sunday June 14, same times.


The Winners are guaranteed $500! 2nd & 3rd place payouts are determined by the number of entries.

Pre-registration is now available at the Cattaraugus Marshals Department office inside the William Seneca Building. Call us for more information (716)532-3040.

The 2015 Pledge of Personal Responsibility

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Our 3rd year of the Community Outreach Program is kicking off now! This Pledge seeks to inspire each of us to BE PROACTIVE – To be a Proud Member that is Strengthening Our Nation.

Once signed, you will join our family of committed pledgees. Your active participation will run from April, thru September 2015. Successful Pledgees are invited to the Culmination Celebration to be held in September, the weekend after the Fall Festival. Here, your dedication to this program enters you into the raffle, with various prizes being offered.

There is a Community Service requirement, and this is to encourage folks to get involved with helping each other. Each Pledgee volunteers their time to a Community event, which can be on either Territory, in order to be eligible to win prizes. Please be aware that if the event is not sponsored by the Catt. Marshals Dept, the event coordinator must contact our office and confirm your service. 

The added bonus of the Community Service requirement is that the more events you volunteer with, the more tickets you will receive at the Culmination Celebration, which means more chances to win prizes.

The attached tentative schedule does outline upcoming activities that have been planned for the year. Check out the SNI Newsletter, or take a look at the Marshal Web page on the Seneca Nation Website - - for updates on these events, and for additional activities that may be added in.