Grants Division

The Grants Division is a unit of the Seneca Nation Community Planning and Development Department.

  •  Grants Division Personnel:
    • Paula Pichon: Grants Manager
    • Patricia Galeza: Senior Grant Writer
    • Deanna Diaz: Grant Writer
    • Winston John: Grant Writer
    • Erin Tallchief: Grant Research Assistant
  • Mission: The Community Planning and Development Department provides professional planning services that foster the efficient utilization of Seneca resources; promote self-empowerment; and support the development of a sustainable, diversified, and vibrant economy for the benefit of the entire Seneca Nation.
  • Vision: The Grants Division will continue to be an integral component of Seneca Nation departmental activities by providing technical grant writing assistance to any department that is applying for competitive funding from outside sources, including federal and state departments and agencies, as well as private foundations, thus increasing the departments’ ability to meet the changing needs of the Seneca Community. 
  • Details of Services the Grants Division Provides:
  1. Identify and research public and private funding opportunities and provide recommendations to Department Directors, the Executive Office, and Tribal Council for funding opportunities that best align with the Nation’s interests.
  2. Review and explain all components of advantageous funding opportunities to Department Directors, the Executive Office, and Tribal Council, including requirements of grant applications/grant-funded programs, reporting requirements, and cost matches/shares.
  3. Establish and maintain relationships with federal, state, and local agencies as well as private foundations in support of goals and priorities of Seneca Nation departments and the interests of the Nation.
  4. Perform data collection, analysis, storage, and retrieval for grant applications, community needs assessments, and other relevant uses.
  5. Lead the grant development process: assist in identifying grant proposal goals and objectives, establishing proposal timelines/schedules, assigning proposal responsibilities to existing or new departmental staff, drafting proposal budgets, and defining proposal implementation strategies. All of these preliminary activities will lead to the submission of a competitive application to the funder.
  • Entries to the Grants Division Website:

Compiled and posted by the Grants Research Assistant, Erin Tallchief, 5065