Archives Department

The Archives Department is the official repository for the historical and governmental records of the Seneca Nation of Indians.  It is a governmental trust on which the Seneca Nation depends to ensure continuing access to essential evidence that documents the experience of our Nation and its members.

The SNI Archives Department was officially established in 2003 to ensure the preservation and availability of the official records of the Seneca Nation.  It is the responsibility of the Archives to assure that preservation concerns are considered at all stages of the acquisition, maintenance, and use of archival materials.  Once a decision is made to archive a record, no matter its format, the record must be maintained utilizing established archival standards and practices thereby making it accessible for many years to come, possibly in perpetuity.  The SNI Archives Department is a small department within the SNI government structure, but through good stewardship it has a significant impact on all government departments, programs, and offices, and ultimately, on all those that the government serves. 

The Archives Department is located at 252 Rochester Street, Salamanca, on the Allegany Territory.